A Tribute to the Osprey

The nature documentary, An Osprey Homecoming, is a stunning tribute to the love and determination of a group of people committed to restoring the osprey, a species that once teetered on the brink of extinction, to southern Michigan. The documentary centers around the touching story of “C09”, a young male osprey released during the Osprey Reintroduction Program of Southern Michigan at Kensington Metropark.

After surviving three perilous years in South America C09 has come home to Kensington to the hustle and bustle of Detroit’s busy suburbs. The Program Team is overjoyed to see that one of their birds has made it back.  The film follows C09 and his family’s antics while the osprey chick “hacking” program continues as an important background element of the story.

While the team cheers for C09 and his family’s survival, the birds struggle with the day-to-day challenges of living in an increasingly inhospitable world. Spectacular footage of osprey nest life, dramatic hunting sequences and exciting chase scenes thrill the viewer with nature’s amazing beauty and often cold-hearted ethics. Cleverly interwoven with facts, outstanding wildlife footage and subtle subplots, An Osprey Homecoming is a beautiful and compelling story that emphasizes the interconnection of all living things and the delicate balance that exists between humanity and nature.

An Osprey Homecoming is written by Christina Mersereau (Vedejs), co-produced by Christina and Jacques Mersereau, narrated by Bob Brooks, and the original musical score written and performed by Neil Woodward. Audio editing and special effects are by Jacques Mersereau.

Jacques and Christi Mersereau won an Emmy for their videography work in An Osprey Homecoming. Christi also earned an Emmy nomination for her script. The film also garnered a Finalist Award at the International Wildlife Film Festival in 2005.

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